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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why does the individual who invited me to have access to more suppliers than I have access to?
A. The companies who provide products and services to determine which of our user groups they will make their offering available to. Their decision is generally based on the expected size and demographic of the user groups.

Q. Why don't I have the ability to invite people to join
A. There are a couple of possible answers to this question. It may be related to your role. in order to maintain our agreements with our suppliers we must limit invitation capabilities to certain user groups within Also, in some U.S. States we are precluded from allowing all, or some users to generate invitations.

Q. How are suppliers chosen for
A. Our goal is to provide access to quality suppliers with quality products or services at a discounted rate.

Sign_Help.gifQ. I have friends who would like to take advantage of the great deals on How can they get signed up?
A. is an invitation-only site. You must be invited by a current user who has invitation capabilities, or you must receive an Invitation Code. invitation Codes are generally targeted to specific markets by the Marketing Manager. It's all necessary to maintain the agreements we have with our suppliers, and provide our users with the best deals possible.

Q. My password doesn't work. What do I do?

A. Click the "forgot your password?" link underneath the Email and Password fields on the main login page. Your password will be reset and a new temporary password will be emailed to you. If you're still having trouble please contact our Help Desk.

Q. I enrolled for some discounts on AgentXpress. Do I need to sign up again?
A. You'll want to create a account, but all the discounts you signed up for on AgentXpress will remain unchanged. Use to access some new savings!
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